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There is no question, and I will definitely recommend JPC’s services to everyone. In my experience, Jeff and his team are very busy, but he still tried to explain to me all possible steps for my home projects so that I felt comfortable and confidence to let them finish the jobs. He has an efficient, effective and organized team to work with him, and their price is fairly presented. They listened to my needs, and they delivered the great quality work for me and my family. We thank for them. Thank you JPC Services, looking forward to have your next services soon!

– Chanel Donovan on November 5th, 2014

My experience with JPC service Inc was positive. JPC renovated our facility of 7800 sq during the months of July and August 2014. The workers Jeff hired are warm and passionate about their jobs. They are on time and pay attention to details. We understand JPC is a busy company, but somehow, Jeff was always able to keep things organized and sending people on site as he promised. JPC definitely gained our trust, and we will use them again in the future.

Laina H. on October 29, 2014

The honour company, always done job right on client benefit, you find the best service you can find around BC.

Mac M in October 2014

The company just finished renovation for our house. We had a wonderful experience with them. They are very professional team. We love and enjoy our new home. Thanks to Jeff and his staff.

From Hong Yan Xiao on September 28 2014

A professional team that not only educating our business on how our site can physically be improved on, but also offering excellent service when doing the renovation. Thoughtful actions such as putting cardboard on the ground while renovating our unit (to protect the floor from dust and potential damage), informing us the plan of renovation explicitly before commencing, having professional equipment to do their jobs….etc can be seen during their work process. I have already, and will recommend more friends or whoever need the renovation service to JPC.

L Poon on September 26th, 2014

Although it was such a tedious long time process of renovating our cafe, due to city permits and lots of accommodative processes by other subcontractors, Jeff and his team have always been so patient and prompt to take care of what we required. Cost was under control and clearly explained and verified.

From E Yu

M Yeo’s review of JPC Services Inc
I have hired JPC services in the past and I am fully satisfiedwith the overall performance as well as the quality of work

M Yeo

The company provides a very good service!In the interests of customers!They deserve to believe!

From T Wang

They helped me so much with my renovation project, and they were amazing. They served the best construction job that they were very professional, responsible, and efficient. Their staffs are very friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate in what they are doing. Definitely would recommend.

From Tina L

Jeff always impresses his clients by the profundity of his housing renovation knowledge;
Jeff always identifies and resolves clients’ concerns and reports customer needs in time, such as, what is the best for his clients and what he can do for them?
No matter you are a small household client or a big business organization, once you become his client, you will receive the best quality service from his team;
Jeff is a reputable business man. As long as he makes the service commitment to you, he will make every effort to complete the project on time and will give you full satisfaction;
Nevertheless Jeff is not just the business man, he is also the kind of person who always thinks how to give back to the society;
Jeff always expresses his concerns and sympathy to others. He leads his team to donate every year.

Jamie from Burnaby, on March 20, 2014

-Hi Jeff,

I would like to tell you how good Santiago is! We could not be more pleased with his work. Thank you for the work done!

Patrick from Phyton, on March 3, 2014

-Hello Jeff,

I am Eric in Hygeia Spa in Richmond. I have just got time to write this letter to express our gratitude. It has been a period time since our business opened. Our operations are very ideal. Thank you very much for helping us at the very beginning for the renovations. We had contacted many construction companies before we started renovation. The level of the construction companies in Great Vancouver is uneven, and it confused us a lot. We finally chose JPC Services through a friend’s introduction. It now appears that it is exactly the right decision. Your attitude is very serious, the decoration techniques are very professional, and you gave us a lot of innovative ideas. These bring us a lot of help. We would like to take this opportunity to thank your company for the careful renovation for our store! And we certainly highly recommend JPC Services to everybody.

We wish JPC Services smooth and successful in the year of Horse!

Eric from Hygeia Spa in Richmond, on February 11, 2014

-Hi Jeff,

Tell you good news, the renovation your company did in my store has passed inspection. Also thank you for lending me your tools, it’s good to use.

I am very grateful to know you through introduction of Peter. You are just like a my old brother, you was not only meticulous in my store renovation, but also gave me a lot of suggestions in the operations of my store.

What impressed me most is that your meticulous, strict in work, has high working standards as well as considerate and caring to your staff.

Thanks you again for helping me throughout my entire renovation.

Essie at Coquiltlam centre , on July 18, 2013

-Jeff, I just want to say again how great Ivan and Danny were, I received nothing but positive comments and praise for their work and attitude.

Scott mayer from Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetices , on July 6, 2013

-We are very happy with the work that Sean did (tile installation in our house). Thank you very much.

Tatiana and Tony , on April 25, 2013