Panel System

We have monolithic panels made from drywall materials with wood frames. The stay-in-place panels can be used to make temporary rooms with possible addition of locks, or as partitions to separate or create a space within a closed or private area. They have a better soundproof feature than any regular panel materials that are available anywhere on the market. A real advantage is that the surface can be painted in any color that complements your current design. It is very easy to install and can be an inexpensive way for last minute projects. They are re-usable and ideal for both your commercial and residential needs.

* They come with door in two size 4’*8′ & 4’*10′

* They can be added with window when needed.

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IRUV Cutting Coat

IRUV is a product that we apply when providing coating services on windows. This product is effective in cutting UV lights by 99%. For example, it can reduce UV damage to furniture, curtains, valuable decorations. It is successful in reducing the temperature by eliminating UV lights during the summer, and it also helps retain heat inside the home throughout the winter season. It acts as an insulation factor.

Now in Vancouver, several public schools have used these products. After several comparative tests, it can effectively lower 10-20% on Heating cost.

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