JPC Season Greetings

As gifts are given and received this holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible. We appreciate working with you and are grateful to you for your tremendous effort. The team at JPC wishes you peace, joy and prosperity throughout the coming year. Thank you again for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to working with you in the years to come.


2015 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

December 19th, 2015, JPC president Jeff along with his family attend a Christmas Party organized by Chinese Construction & Renovation Association of Canada. At that time, there are almost 300 people gathered to celebrate the joyous time of the year. Some government officials also came to the Party to support: Mr. Richard T. Lee (MLA), Mr. Chak Kwong Au (Richmond Councillor), Mr. James Wang (Burnaby Councillor), Ms Catherine Yuen (Former Councillor Candidate).

Lecture about “Vancouver by-law V.S BC building code insulation requirement”

July 16th, 2015, JPC president Jeff Jiang attends a lecture about “Vancouver by-law V.S BC building code insulation requirement” which is presented by engineer Wei Chen. This lecture is organized by CCRAC. All the attendees feel like learn something new.

Happy Canada’s Day

July 1st, 2015, JPC president Jeff Jiang as a representative of CCRAC attending the Canada’s National Day parade in downtown. JPC wishes all our clients Happy Canada’s Day and Happy Holidays!

Donation at Red Cross

May 26, 2015 , the three council representatives of CCRAC – president Jeff Jiang (JPC SERVICES INC), vice president Tammy Tong (HOME MELODY CURTAINS AND LINENS), director Jason Song (TOPSONG CONSTRUCTION LTD) go to Red Cross to donate the raised donations of $ 5000 for Nepal earthquake. During the doantion, council representatives also met the Canadian candidate Yuan Wei.

“Nepal With Heart”, charity fundraising for Nepal

May 23, 2015 ,a charity fundraising campaign called “Nepal With Heart” was held at the River Rock Casino Theater. There were hundreds of people from all different communities participated. CCRAC president Jeff Jiang along with many CCRAC members and friends also presented in the fundraising event. The fundraising event is organized by Dickson Dream Team, focused media and sponsored by the Chinese Construction & Renovation Association of Canada (CCRAC) and many other associations. The successful completion of charity events anticipated fundraising goal , raising money for a total of $ 12,288 , of which the CCRAC donated money to raise a total of $ 5,000. The donation is in response to the Canadian government ‘s 1 : 1 funding commitments , a total for Nepal raised almost $ 25,000.

CCRAC Annual Meeting 2015

(Chinese Article reporter: Linda; Photographer: David) In March 22nd 2015, CCRAC hosts its first Annual Meeting Gala Dinner at Continental Seafood Restaurant. The main purposes of this meeting are to celebrate the establishment and some achievements of CCRAC, to award outstanding members, and to hire professional consultants for the association. Some government officials also attend the Gala Dinner: Kenny Chiu (hopeful federal politician—representing Hon. Alice Wong, MP), Wei Qian Zhang (representing Don Davies, MP), Mr. Richard T. Lee (MLA), Mr. Chak Kwong Au (Richmond Councillor), Mr. Bill McNulty (Richmond Councillor), Mr. Jonathan Ho (Candidate for School Trustee), Mr. Steven Kou (Candidate for Federal Liberal Party Councillor), Ms Catherine Yuen (Principal Consultant, HK Economic). Ms Wai Young (MP) also takes time out from her busy schedule to attend the Gala Dinner. Before the date of the Gala Dinner, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper sent a congratulatory message to CCRAC. We also received many greeting letters from following Canadian government officials: Justin P.J. Trudeau (Leader of the Liberal Party), Hon. Kerry-Lynne D. Findlay (Minister of National Revenue), Christy Clark (Premier), Teresa Wat (MLA), Malcolm D. Brodie (Richmond Mayor), Gregor Robertson (Vancouver  Mayor) , Derek R. Corrigan (Burnaby Mayor) etc.  More than 400 people participate in the Dinner Party, among than there are noted public figures, overseas compatriot and people from all walks of life. Jeff Jiang as the president of CCRAC has his speech at the beginning and ending of the Gala Dinner.

Crowd-funding Gala

In February 25th 2015, CCRAC president、JPC President Jeff Jiang along with his CCRAC members, their friends and families attend Chinese New Year crowd-funding Party. Everyone there enjoy their night. To see and know more exiting moments, please click this: Linda report. 

The Night of “Date with Prairie”

In February 14th 2015, CCRAC president、JPC president Jeff Jiang along with his families  attended a company-sponsored musical show “Date with Prairie”. Jeff and his families enjoyed the night!!

Chinese Construction & Renovation Association of Canada (CCRAC)  Christmas Gathering Party

In December 20th 2014, JPC Service Inc, along with other CCRAC members, got together to celebrate and share the happiness of the upcoming holidays–Christmas and New Year. There were over  a hundred people attend. JPC and CCRAC wish all our customers a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!!

Chinese Construction & Renovation Association of Canada was established and registered in July 2014 in BC Canada. More than 70 companies applied to join. Peers in the industry are welcome to join!

Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, we wish all our employees, new and old customers a happy holiday!

JPC Services has just introduced FLIR Thermal Camera for property inspections

JPC Services can use T-Series Thermal Imaging Camera for your property inspections. Before or after renovation, when trading houses, FLIR thermal cameras show you exactly where the problems are quickly so you can focus on detecting energy waste, leaking, moisture and electrical issues. It’s the cost-effective and easy way to help save our customers money! It’s absolutely the best for building diagnostics!

Chinese Building Renovation Industry Open House

Jeff, the president of JPC Services, is planning to organize a Chinese Building Renovation Industry Association, which can encourage the companies to be self-regulation, in order to improve overall reputation of Chinese building renovation industry. The first preparatory meeting held at 11 o’clock on April 5, 2014 in JPC Office.

Staff Training Reports

Houses built in Vancouver before 1991 may contains asbestos. To avoid pollution from asbestos exposure, it’s important to get a professional to remove asbestos before commencing any renovations. Through training, JPC is qualified for the work of Asbestos Abatement – Moderate Risk and Asbestos Abatement – Hight Risk; Sergio has got First Aid Level II Certificate and Painting Certificate level I; Santiago received Lift Certificate and Certificate of Completion Restorative Drying 101 Course; Jeff received Certificate of Completion Restorative Drying 101 Course and JPC is qualified to undertake insurance companies provide business on WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION

Winter Time Continuing Education,

Winter time is comparatively less busy for construction. JPC takes advantage of the time and is sending our employees to take different training programs. We keep our knowledge and skills updated.

JPC 2014 New Year Dinner Party,

On January 3rd, we had dinner with our employees and cooperative parnters at Shanghai Lu Restaurant, Vancouver. Thanks for your presence in JPC’s New Year dinner party last Friday, and your generous donation to Tzu Chi Foundation Vancouver. We collected $647 on tables, and JPC Services Inc. made it $1000 totally. It will afford 10 children’s breakfast for one year in Edmond area. We appreciate your kind contribution. Congratulations to all the friends who got good luck. We wish everyone a wonderful new year! (Jan 2014) JPC’s previous employee Linda just gave birth to a baby boy on last Friday January 3rd! Both the mother and the baby are in good condition. Congratulations to her and her family! (Jan 2014)

JPC Summer Activities,

On September 1, we went fishing and had barbecue in a beautiful park, which was located at Cates Park, Dollarton Hwy, North Vancouver. This was a sunny day.  We had approximately 47 people and all of us had a blast! We played games together.  We cannot  get  fish but we caught some big crabs that was awesome! Thanks for the great day and allowing us to stay out on the boat. We had chicken wings, hot dogs and ribs which were delicious.  We will all remember for a such a good  time.  I just wanted to thank you again for such a great fishing and barbecue trip on Sunday.


Congratulations to our client, Miss Zhao, she just gave birth to lovely baby girl. Wish her & her girl very well. MARUKO JAPANESE NOODLE HOUSE  (May 2013) We are happy to tell that “Maruko Japanese Noodle House” which was renovated by JPC Service Inc has opened, it is located in 1333 Robson St, Vancouver, welcome to give it a try.


CHRISTMAS PARTY (December 22, 2012) JPC has hosted Christmas party in its office in the evening of December 22, 2012. The festive office was beautifully decorated with traditional Christmas trees and decorations .In the party, we enjoyed food, celebrated birthday and played games. APPRECIATION PARTY (September 29, 2012) In order to thank residents for supporting us,  JPC has hosted Appreciation Party on September 29, 2012 in the townhouse of Wellington Court ,Barrington Walk, Jasmine Lane  in Richmond for which JPC has provided renovation services . It was a warm summer day, we had a good chat and tasted amazing food .There was also a lottery draw among the residents. We had really a wonderful time.