About Us

JPC Services Inc. is a comprehensive services company. Construction is not our only focus, as we also offer expertise for custom home building, Renovations, Painting, Panel Systems, IRUV Cutting, Management Consulting and Cleaning. We have served the Greater Vancouver Regional District for many years and have developed strong partnerships with architects, designers, and engineers in various municipalities.

JPC Service Inc is dedicated to providing quality construction, renovation, management services and to implement a long term relationship with its clients,based on safety, quality, timely service as well as anticipation of their needs and budget.

We are a BBB (Better Business Bureau) Accredited Business, and believe in establishing and maintaining the highest integrity and trustworthiness with our clients. We take pride in our commitment by providing exceptional customer services. In addition, we have implemented a service tracking system into our practices to ensure our clients will continue to receive exemplary services.

At JPC Services, our skilled and supportive team knows our clients, keeps promises and meets deadlines. Most importantly, we have trust in each other just like our clients always do to us. The company is also insured with WCB and a $5 million third-party liability.

For the past few years, we have successfully completed hundreds of projects of various sizes. Our clients’ list includes Future Shop, Staples, Superstore, etc. With enough experience, JPC will serve you beyond your expectations.

Vision & Mission

JPC SERVICES INC is one of the best and most respected general contractors in the industry measured by our employees, our customers and our communities.

To deliver high quality, cost effective projects on schedule.

Our values

We value our employees
We value our customers
We value continuous learning
We value integrity
We value continuous improvement
We value results